Wednesday 26th August 2015

A blustery and at times wet day, in the sheltered area of pines behind the obs at least one one Pied Flycatcher, a Redstart and four Willow warblers were present.

Norfolk News from Birdnet
> Norfolk Juvenile Red-backed Shrike Reported Winterton Dunes NNR this a/noon 200m/N of concrete blocks. + 4 Redstart NR29 4BQ TG496198
> Norfolk 15 Spoonbill Stiffkey Fen this a/noon. NR23 1QW TF990438
> Norfolk 2 Wood Sandpiper Kelling Water Meadows + Little Stint & Pied Flycatcher Holkham Pines NR25 7ED TG095436
> Norfolk 16 Juvenile Little Stint Cley NWT NR25 7SA TG049441
> Norfolk 2 Black Tern S/past Winterton Dunes NNR this evng NR29 4BQ TG496198
> Norfolk 5 Black Tern S/past Gorleston-on-Sea early evng + Pied Flycatcher at Hopton-on-Sea NR31 6PL TG532036
> Norfolk Pied Flycatcher Holme NOA in pines behind the Obs + Redstart TF717450
> Norfolk 8 Little Stint Titchwell RSPB + Wood Sandpiper PE31 8BB TF759436
> Norfolk 2 Whinchat Gramborough Hill NR25 7XW TG085441
> Norfolk 5 Little Stint Titchwell RSPB at 18:00 + 6 Curlew Sandpiper PE31 8BB TF759436
> Norfolk Pied Flycatcher Holkham Pines this a/noon.
> Norfolk 8 Little Stint Cley NWT on the North Scrape late a/noon. NR25 7SA TG049441
> Norfolk 3 Black Tern Waxham at midday by the reefs NR12 0DZ TG440261
> Norfolk 5 Little Stint Cley NWT from Daukes' Hide + Whinchat NR25 7SA TG049441
> Norfolk Wood Warbler Wells Woods minimum at 12:34 W/of drinking pools NR23 1DR TF909453
> Norfolk Pied Flycatcher Holme NOA at W/end of pines at midday. TF717450
> Norfolk 3 Pied Flycatcher Winterton North Dunes + Redstart late mrng. NR29 4BQ TG496198
> Norfolk Pied Flycatcher Winterton North Dunes + 2 Whinchat NR29 4BQ TG496198
> Norfolk 7 Curlew Sandpiper Titchwell RSPB minimum this mrng. + 6 Little Stint PE31 8BB TF759436